Kirdar e Sardar is the upcoming punjabi movie of Nav Bajwa. The first poster of the movie has been out and it reveals the strong character of Sardar.

Main Star Cast of the movie is Nav Bajwa, Raza Murad, Dolly Bindra, KS Makhan, Neha Pawar Gurpreet Kaur Chadda, Rana Jang Bahadar, Harpreet Singh Khehra, Deedar Gill. The

The Kirdar-e-Sardar film is focused on Sports, Drugs and also there is a touch of comedy. Kirdar-e-Sardar means the character of a Sardar(a Sikh) and this film will show high characteristics of the Sikh Sardar. The film has been shot on the various locations of Amritsar, Shimla, Chandigarh, and Beas.

Kirdar e Sardar punjabi movie is produced by Happy Music, Jaswinder Kaur. The movie is co-produced by Gurpreet Kaur Chadda. Kudratpal has written Dialog of the Kirdar e Sardar punjabi movie. Music of film will be released by Yellow Music.

Kirdar e Sardar Punjabi Movie Trailer

click here to watch the trailer of Kirdar e Sardar

The Film Kirdar e Sardar is directed by Jatinder Singh Jeetu.

Nav Bajwa is a Boxer while Ks Makhan is playing the character of a police officer in this film. Jaswant Sing Jass will play the character of the father of Neha Pawar who is the lead actress.

Lyrics of the film Kirdar e Sardar has been written by Vikramjit, Bal butale wala, and Manpreet Tiwana. There will be total 5 songs out of which 2 songs are penned by Vikramjit Singh, one song each by Manpreet tiwana, Bal butale wala, Yakub. Music is composed by Daljit Singh, who is a senior music composer and have given a number of hit songs. Nachatter Gill, Nooran Sister, Gurlej Akhtar, Harshdeep have sung melodious songs of the film.Theatrical trailer and songs of the film will be released soon.Nav Bajwa starring Kirdar e Sardar is all set to release on 29th September 2017. 

Kirdar e Sardar First look posterKirdar e sardar film movie

Kirdar e Sardar Punjabi Movie Story

this movie seems to be a great part of Sikh religion and promoting it along with presenting the nature of a “Sardar” and how he serves the society. The film is related to Boxing and is the story of a youngster “Fateh” who dos’ well in Boxing at his college and it’s the same college from where his father was graduated and was a Boxing Player as well. But he wasn’t concerned about the fact till now as his father was dead and he never saw him. When youngster came to know that how his father competed at his time and later on became the honest police officer, who wasn’t accepted by the people that were more powerful than the police and govt. is. Due to his Boxing skills, he was able to handle many bad bugs that could harm the society and the result was that Gangsters cut the hands of the warrior.

Fateh’s grand father told him all about his father’s journey and also told him that he was a proper “Sikh” unlike him with shot hairs and very away from the Sikhism theory. This is what inspires Fateh to be a Sikh and he starts keeping a turban like his father and walks on the path of honesty just like his father, but this time writing a new story in his own way, also he fights with the gangsters to let them know that their end is near. So, basically, the movie promotes Sikhism and tells about the role of a Sikh in serving people who are in need without watching towards any religion and just to see a human being and do his best being a human.

Surely this movie tale would be inspiring the youth and will definitely show the path of mercy and love to today’s generation. So, we will good luck to the whole team of Yellow Music.