This coming year 2018, 100th anniversary of First World War will be completed but no one normally celebrates even a year or world wars, but this time Punjabi Cinema is all ready to do this work, celebrating the First World War’s 100th anniversary.

Yes you read that right, the upcoming movie of 2018 of Diljit Dosanjh is named as Sajjan Singh Rangroot which is directed by one of the finest artists of Punjabi Cinema “Pankaj Batra” and the movie is based on the First World War.

Storyline and Celebrities of Sajjan Singh Rangroot Movie:

The Sajjan Singh Rangroot movie is based on the life story of Maharaja Sir Sajjan Singh who was a British Indian Army officer of Ratlam State and ruled from 1893 to 1947 his lifespan is from 13th January 1880 to 3rd February 1947 and was a major part of First World War.

The storyline of the movie will be based on the brotherhood between two of the forces or armies one of them will be Indian Army and another is British Army. Indian Army is also subdivided into Indian Sikh Army for the film based point of view.

Although this is also been a great fact that British Army won’t pass through both the World Wars that happened in the past without the help from Indian Army itself, hence that time they had brotherhood relations between the soldiers of the British and Indian Armies.

This is the main base concept of the movie, moreover in a talk Diljit Dosanjh reviled a fact that this movie was next to impossible task to do as he and some of the people of his team were thinking about the making of this film from last 4 to 5 years but the main problem was of the budget of the movie that was never up to mark and it was clear that the movie can be made by Bollywood but it is not a thing of Pollywood to make. But then they came to Jatinder Singh who was ready to invest in the Sajjan Singh Rangroot Punjabi movie.SAJJAN SINGH RANGROOT diljit dosanjh

Producer of the film Jatinder Singh was ready to do every effort that he could do for the film as the movie was written by Gurpreet Singh Palerdi who has written a tremendous concept that has never been seen on big screens before.

Moreover, Diljit Dosanjh added here that this movie could never be made without a director like Pankaj Batra and no other than him has the power to take this big risk on his own behalf. “Most of the time we thought that the shoot of the movie may stop in between due to budget and the complicated base concept of the movie. But with god’s grace, many things went smooth and we are finally done with the shooting of this film” He said.

The interesting part of the movie is not only Diljit Dosanjh, not only the director and not even just about the storyline of the film but it includes one more twist in the story that you could have not even imagined till now.

Along with this concept and Diljit Dosanjh, you must get ready to watch Sunanda Sharma on the big screen along with him. Yes, Sunanda Sharma, the singer of many hit songs, like Patake Paun Nu, Shamla, Thokta and many more.

Sunanda Sharma is doing her debut opposite Diljit Dosanjh who has proved himself as an actor already in the industry and now it’s the time of Sunanda Sharma to be a part of the cinema industry as well.

Also, the appearance of Sunanda Sharma is in a lead role which is defiantly a bog responsibility itself. There is no slot in the movie that could be seen as boring till now, and there are several reasons for that including Punjabi sensation Diljit Dosanjh, a great story along with a biopic, best work team of Pankaj Batra and the major twist that is Sunanda Sharma in the movie.SAJJAN SINGH RANGROOT shooting pics

Sajjan Singh Rangroot Movie poster:

The poster of Sajjan Singh Rangroot movie released till now has been very simple and includes only face to Diljit Dosanjh in a very new look that is matching most with his looks in his newly released song “El Sueno ft. Tru-Skool” which has been a great hit and has become very famous song just like his earlier released songs. Other than Diljit the poster holds the name of the movie and production house “Colour 9 Productions”.

Sajjan Singh Rangroot Movie Release Date 

The masterpiece of Pankaj Batra is going to release on 23th of March 2018 under the banner of Colour 9 Productions.

Cast and Crew of Sajjan Singh Rangroot Punjabi  Movie

Costumes are designed by Manveer Bindra. Dialogues are written by Jatinder Lal

Story by Gurpreet Singh Parerdi.

Director of photography is Veneet Malhotra

Other star casts: Jaggi Sandhu

Production Design by Vijay.